Bill Wenban Memorial Page

Mounted with help from his friends at the JR    

I first met Bill 30 odd years ago when I (as a teenager in Oakville) was selling Maxell 5.25 floppy disks and Epson dot-matrix printers out of my home! We were kindred spirits and spent many hours together in his office, jury-rigging floppy disk drives to read the bits as they passed through the wires from our Apple II computers and tinkering with his home-made Torx screwdrivers to open up the new Macintosh computers.

I remember that he even hacked his wife's knitting machine so that he could have it knit any pattern he wanted.    ( Peter R.)

I will forever remember Bill for his wry grin, that mischievous gleam in his eye and his accent. I can hear his voice now.    (Robin G.)

Thanks to Bill for bestowing the title on me of Lord Font Of Garamond.    (John B.)

Bill played organ for some of the old films. He fired up a huge organ once at
his house and he was an exceptional musician. Who knew?

He also was a total fan of Wrestling. The fake kind. I remember he had spent a fortune for a good seat at Maple Leaf Gardens for a Wrestling match and some kid tried to get this 70 year old out of his seat. Bill would have none of it, and took the kid on. He probably still won't tell the story of having an old geezer beat him up. Bill was very proud of this
And on the technology end, we both came out of the famed JR Pub and went to the parking lot to retrieve his car, only to find he had locked the key in it. He calmly asked if I had a dime. I had a quarter, but that wouldn't do at all. We found a dime and he used it to short out two of the pins on a trailer hitch plug-in. The quarter was too big. The doors promptly opened, he handed the dime back and retrieved his keys. You have no idea what this man wascapable of when it came to technology.

He also enjoyed watching the Canadian Open Golf Championship. Bill, being Bill, could watch one of the greens with a good set of binoculars from his back porch. Never saw the sense in paying for anything better. He'll be missed.      (Jim K.)

Circa 1988 the WWF had a Summer PPV at the CNE (at that time Cable just started to offer them and I had the Zenith Z-Tack modified box, cough, cough, ahem) and Bill asked me if I wanted to go and did not attend a Live match since way back. mentioned it's gonna' be Big but the ticket prices are insane. Bill purchased two Senior Citizen Tickets and Phil stayed home. Just me and Wild Bill.;-) Second row ringside.have no- idea how he finagled that?

When Bill got into PCs and stumped would call me and started the conversation with 'MAHRV'and then I knew; "Houston, We have a problem" and would help but do it very delicately.. feign ignorance but try this but no guarantee and let me know.
He call back and say I was 98% Correct but forgot xxxxxx and Dammit, he was always right. Show him a Fix and then he would dissect it and improve and let me know,
that's Bill.

Another thing about Bill, and the amazing thing was at his age.. give him a technical obstacle and he'll READ THE MANUAL (RTFM) and figure it
out.;-)             (Marv B.)

Chairman Bill was one of the most congenial, contrarian nautical engineers you'll ever find

He was from a generation of legendary tinkerers and hackers and a Peer in our Penzance.

He has left behind many good memories and the most important thing we leave is what people remember about us.

Bill was certainly
'One of a kind' and is most fondly remembered.

He was one of the original members and a founder of the JR Group.

We thank him for his knowledge and this wisdom at our many lunches together.

Every member of this group has been exemplary in whatever they have done, seen and accomplished in their lives

RIP: "Crackerjack"

In his memory:
The Kidney Foundation of Canada


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